Laura McQuillan, Court Reporter, Kicked Out Of Murder Trial For Wearing Gold Disco Pants (PHOTO)

Reporter Kicked Out Of Court For Wearing WHAT?

Girl, those pants are just too sparkly for court.

At least that's the reasoning behind a recent decision to eject Laura McQuillan, a court reporter for NZ Newswire, from a murder trial in New Zealand.

McQuillan wore a black long-sleeve shirt with glittery gold disco pants -- or were they leggings? -- and black open-toed flats to the murder trial of Scott Guy. The 25-year-old was seated at the media bench of Wellington's High Court when she was approached by a registrar and asked to leave before the lunch break.

"I'm sitting under a table! No one even sees my legs!" McQuillan posted to Twitter. (McQuillan's account is private; another user, Heather du Plessis-Allan, shared her statement.)

Du Plessis-Allan, a One News reporter in Wellington, was lucky enough to capture a photo of McQuillan's pants outside the courtroom.

See the photo for yourself below.

Though there are no specific provisions of what members of the media must wear in the courtroom, the Ministry of Justice asks reporters to "please attend court suitably and professionally dressed" in its media guide for court reporters.

We like taking sartorial liberties, but we'd have a hard time classifying glittery gold pants as "professional dress." New Zealand's court clearly felt the same. Sorry, Laura -- sadly, glittery pants are reserved for fashion shows and Spice Girls concert tours.

Check out the gallery below to see Twitter reactions to McQuillan's disco pants.


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