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Laura, Spare Us All Your "Suffering"

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Gosh, it just has to suck to be Laura Bush. Imagine holidays with her mother-in-law, for starters. And then, of course, there's her husband, the master of disaster himself. I picture her secretly wearing an "I'm with Stupid" t-shirt under her knit suits, just to compensate.

And now it turns out she's really bummed out about the war in Iraq, way more than you or I, or anybody else except the Fortunate Son himself. She told Ann Curry on the Today Show:

"No one suffers more than their President and I," watching the television reports of endless death and misery from Iraq. If only.

Of course, had she thought for just a moment before emitting Stepford wife-speak, she would have realized how clueless, and how arrogant a statement that was, and how it would sound to the families of the thousands of soldiers killed, wounded, or currently in harm's way in the endless war in Iraq. But no. Arrogance is the default mode for the entire family. They are entitled to your sympathy and support, because they have feelings, just like regular people, only more so.

No good ever comes of the Bushes trying to demonstrate they're just like the rest of us, from the robotically delivered "Message: I care," by GHW Bush in an unguarded moment, to Barbara Bush's "things are working out very well for them," as she surveyed Katrina victims in Houston, to The Decider himself, who expresses his suffering by not going to soldiers' funerals, and waiting six weeks after the scandal broke to go to Walter Reed (to name just two examples).

Laura Bush wants you to know the burden is heavy on her husband.
Well here's the deal, Laura: no one should suffer more than he does.
There's a simple solution--end the damned war.

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