People Are In Love With This Bicycling, Gold Medal-Winning Couple

Laura Trott and Jason Kenny are cruising through life on a bicycle built for two.
Jason Kenny and Laura Trott with their gold medals.
Jason Kenny and Laura Trott with their gold medals.

On the theoretical podium of Olympics couples, Laura Trott and Jason Kenny are second to none.

In addition to dominating the competition in Rio to the tune of a combined five gold medals, the darlings of British cycling have effortlessly won over the world’s hearts.

How can you not get a little emotional looking at all that true love (and victory)? It’s impossible. What’s more, they’re engaged to be married.

Trott, 24, has already won more gold medals than any other British woman in history. She won the omnium and team pursuit this year. She also gets first prize for this affectionate tweet.

Kenny, 28, picked up three gold medals in Rio, competing in the keirin, sprint and team sprint events.

People love these crazy kids, and it’s not hard to understand why.

David Beckham knows what we’re talking about.

Trott, in particular, is a guiding light.

Now go ride off into the sunset, you two.

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