Lauren Boebert’s Latest Attempt At Bashing Joe Biden Goes Down As Badly As The Rest

The conspiracy-endorsing Colorado Republican was mocked for a post about Syrian dictator Bashar Assad and Biden's approval rating.

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) tried to spin Syrian dictator Bashar Assad’s landslide election victory, widely dismissed by experts as a sham, in her latest desperate attack on President Joe Biden.

The QAnon-endorsing Colorado Republican sarcastically noted on Thursday that Assad this week “got ‘elected’ to another term in Syria with 95.1% of the vote” to continue his family’s 50-year rule of the civil war-ravaged country.

“Just about as believable as a certain someone in the White House having a 62% approval rating,” Boebert added:

Boebert, a staunch supporter of Donald Trump and the former president’s lies that he really won the 2020 election, also questioned Biden’s approval rating with this tweet on Monday:

Critics mocked the lawmaker over her latest tweet. Many reminded her of the former president’s low approval ratings during his time in office:

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