Lauren 'Kleenex' Conrad Explains Her Iconic Crying Scene On 'The Hills'

😢 😢

After years on reality television, Lauren Conrad has collected quite the anthology of memorable quotes and GIF-able moments. 

None, perhaps, more GIF-able than her iconic sniffly scene on “The Hills” when a single, black tear ran down her face. 

But like everything else on “The Hills,” the tear’s color, which has long been attributed to her mascara, was a lie. 

I don’t think it was the mascara — I think it was the eyeliner that was running,” the 30-year-old said in a new interview with MTV News. “I still wear the same mascara, and it doesn’t run like that.”

The tears’ trajectory was up for debate just a few years ago, when the reality star/designer told Cosmopolitan that producers actually slowed down the speed of her tear. Drama, drama, drama.

“Yeah, I asked my producer and he told me they put it in slow motion to give it a more dramatic effect,” Conrad said. “That day it was filmed I was really sad — and I wasn’t wearing waterproof mascara. Whoops.” 

We think you mean: 

Alas, Sean Travis, executive producer of “The Hills,” told Refinery29 that the tear was only slowed down in a teaser, not the actual show. He also revealed that he thought Conrad strategically wore regular mascara, instead of waterproof, when she would film confrontational scenes. 

“We would joke that we’d have these scenes where Lauren is finally going to talk to Audrina, and we would swear that Lauren would wear the runny mascara where because of that, she would literally ‘win’ the scene,” Travis said in a May interview. “They’re both crying, and Audrina’s mascara wouldn’t run, and Lauren’s would. Therefore, our hearts would go out to Lauren. We thought, ‘Does she do it on purpose? Does she wear the runny mascara because she wants to [win]?’” 

We hope LC brings out the tears again for old times’ sake when “The Hills” reunites for its 10-year anniversary in August. Get your Kleenex ready, Conrad. 

The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now” airs Aug. 2 on MTV.  



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