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Lauren Conrad Has Some Simple Yet Brilliant Wedding Advice

Lauren Conrad is basically doing everything right in her life and we can't help but hang on her every word. So when she starts dishing about wedding planning and beauty tips for the Big Day, we're all ears.

Conrad graces the cover of Allure magazine this month and opened up about how she's managing to plan her nuptials with her busy life and busy law-student fiancé William Tell.

"I'll ask him, 'Is this a good time?' I keep a list. So when it's a good time, I'll say, 'OK, just real quick...' And I keep it short. If you don't do it in ten minutes, then you lose him," Conrad said.

And when it is a good time, she only asks about the stuff she knows he'll care about, making the planning more about teamwork than an intensive we-must-do-everything-together stress session.

"I'm glad [Tell] doesn't care about the flowers," Conrad said. "I wanted him to see sketches of the dress, but he said absolutely not. I'm wearing it for him! But if he doesn't want to see it, I don't want to make him. He loves music—that's his life—so he picked the band."

LC also had some wise words when it comes to wedding day beauty: “It's important to look like yourself and do a trial run, so there are no surprises.”

To hear more of her tips, watch the video above.

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