Lauren Failla DEAD: Vanderbilt Alum Killed By Crocodile 4 Years After Sister Dies In Climbing Accident

Vanderbilt graduate Lauren Failla was killed late last month in a crocodile attack while snorkeling in India, the Vanderbilt Hustler reports. She was 25.

MSNBC has more:

On April 28, [Failla] was enjoying a vacation with her boyfriend after earning her master's degree in art at Sotheby's Art Institute in London. She disappeared during a snorkeling outing. Two days later, her remains, mauled by a giant saltwater crocodile, were recovered.

The attack was reportedly captured on an underwater videocam that Failla's boyfriend was using to record the dive. The camera was recovered along with Failla's remains. According to a local newspaper account, personnel involved in recovering the remains had to fight off the crocodile in order to obtain Failla's body.

In a tragic twist, Failla's older sister, Emily, was killed almost exactly four years ago in a rock climbing accident in Washington. She was 24 and also a graduate of Vanderbilt.

WATCH: The Today Show reports on the deaths of the New Jersey sisters.

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