Lauren Graham Dishes On Having Dax Shepard As A Neighbor: 'He’s Out Of His Mind'

The actor told Jimmy Kimmel that her former "Parenthood" co-star has a giant bus in front of his house and "rides around topless on a motorcycle."

Lauren Graham revealed this week what it’s really like to be a celebrity with all sorts of famous neighbors, and it sounds downright hilarious.

The “Gilmore Girls” actor sat down with Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday and talked about having former “Parenthood” co-star Dax Shepard as her neighbor. The duo, who played siblings on the NBC series, live near each other in Los Angeles.

Graham gave Kimmel a glimpse into what’s been happening near Shepard’s home.

“Dax has been working on his new house, and the way we’re situated, I pass him all the time,” Graham said. “It’s a beautiful house, it’s gonna be incredible, but he basically took what others might consider to be the front lawn and turned it into a massive driveway for all his cars.”

Kimmel quipped that Shepard, who is married to “The Good Place” star Kristen Bell, had “paved paradise to put up a parking lot.”

Graham continued, saying Shepard had acquired a giant “band tour bus,” which she thought he’d only be using temporarily, but apparently he bought the bus.

“I pass this every day and I was like, ‘Gosh, when are they gonna get rid of the, y’know, bus?’ He’s out of his mind,” she said, grinning.

As Graham spoke, Kimmel shared photos of the bus that Shepard had given him when they’d previously chatted about the vehicle back in January. Kimmel joked that at the time, he’d wondered “if it was causing any kind of concern in the neighborhood.”

Dax Shepard's giant bus.
Dax Shepard's giant bus.

“Apparently it is,” he said, laughing.

“We gave up a long time ago,” Graham joked back, presumably referring to herself and other neighbors, and added that Shepard “rides around topless on a motorcycle.”

“You have to just love him,” she said.

You can watch the entire interview above.

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