Parkland Survivor Slams Fox News Host: ‘Coming From A 14-Year-Old, Please Grow Up’

Teens call for boycott of Laura Ingraham after she mocked a shooting survivor.

Lauren Hogg, a teen survivor of last month’s mass shooting at a Florida high school, is accusing a Fox News host of cyberbullying.

Laura Ingraham of the “Ingraham Angle” on Wednesday mocked Hogg’s brother, David Hogg, also a survivor of the Feb. 14 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, which left 17 dead.

David Hogg has since become a vocal proponent of gun control, and has been attacked from the right for it.

Ingraham said the high school senior “whined” about getting rejected by four colleges:

Lauren Hogg defended her brother:

Her brother called for a boycott of Ingraham’s show on Wednesday evening:

Lauren Hogg also called on first lady Melania Trump, who has vowed to fight cyberbullying, to speak out.

Lauren Hogg, who lost four friends in the mass shooting, made a similar comment last month, when Donald Trump Jr. “liked” two tweets promoting right-wing conspiracy theories about her brother.

You say that your mission as first lady is to stop cyber bullying,” she tweeted to Melania Trump. “Don’t you think it would have been smart to have a convo with your stepson @DonaldJTrumpJr before he liked a post about a false conspiracy theory which ... put a target on my back?”

The Hogg family has received death threats since the mass shooting, The Washington Post reported last month.

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