Parents Speak Out After Toddler's Birthmark Is Edited Out Of Photos

When Lauren Holsten picked up professional photos of her 18-month-daughter, she noticed a big difference in her child’s appearance and was understandably upset.

As Yahoo Parenting reports, Holsten’s daughter Lexi has a strawberry mark (also known as a hemangioma) on her cheek, which was edited out of photos taken at a local shopping mall in Kent, England.

"It’s like that photography company was saying she’s not perfect, and she is just 18 months old," Holsten told Yahoo Parenting. "It needs to change."

According to Kent Online, Domingo Photography is the company behind the photos. In a video interview, Dylan Hudson, Lexi's dad, said editing the toddler's birthmark without permission was "just completely wrong."

Holsten added that when she expressed her disapproval of the photos, a shop assistant offered an explanation.

"She basically said she thought it was a 'cut' which it quite obviously isn’t," Holsten told Kent Online.

Yahoo Parenting reports that the company has apologized to Holsten along with her family. It said it has changed its policy and will now ask parents about birthmarks.

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