We Want More Of 73-Year-Old Lauren Hutton In This Calvin Klein Ad

More underwear ads like this in general, please.

Mega babe Lauren Hutton just landed a gig as Calvin Klein underwear model.

The 73-year-old stars alongside Rashida Jones and Kirsten Dunst in the sexy ad, titled “Calvin Klein or nothing at all.” We’re thrilled to see a wide range of ages represented in a lingerie campaign, but we have one complaint for director Sofia Coppola: We wish Hutton had a bit more screen time.

Hutton makes her appearance only at the end of the minute-long director’s cut video above, in which she’s seen relaxing on a bed and flashing that iconic gap-toothed smile.

She does get some one-on-one time on camera in a second solo clip, in which she describes the “corniest pick up line” she’s ever heard in her life. “And it was fabulous,” she said.

First the men of “Moonlight” and now this? Swoon, swoon, swoon, Calvin Klein.