Lauren Boebert's Ex Says Restraining Order Is Only To Justify District Move

Jayson Boebert called his ex-wife's move "cruel and unfair" and says it amounts to "a prison sentence to keep me from my family."

The ex-husband of Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) says the restraining order she filed against him last week is both “cruel and unfair” and designed to justify her controversial move to a new district.

The Colorado congresswoman filed the order against Jayson Boebert, her husband of nearly 18 years, and accused him of various cruel acts including calling her names, making harassing phone calls and “abusing children in household.”

But Jayson Boebert told Colorado news website Westword that the order amounts to “a prison sentence to keep me from my family.”

Lauren Boebert’s motion accuses her ex of telling her he wanted her to “get bad press,” and alleged that he “has made multiple suicidal threats, and threats to harm me over the past fourteen months.”

Jayson Boebert denied making the threats and doesn’t understand why she would make those allegations.

“I have been hurt by the person closest to me, belittled and made to feel unimportant,” he said of his now-estranged wife. “I have been crucified by the media without the opportunity to rectify any accusations. I have been financially destroyed many times and I still carry a smile on my face and keep going because I still believe it gets better.”

He told the website that he suspects that Lauren Boebert filed the order to make it easier for voters to understand why she is leaving the 3rd Congressional District, which she currently represents, for the 4th Congressional District on the other side of the state.

Still, he said her decision to swap districts in hopes of improving her reelection chances has been hard on the family.

“One of the reasons Lauren and I had argued on the night of January 6 was because of the move to the 4th, and her never seeing the boys,” Jayson Boebert said, referencing an incident at a local restaurant last month that led to his arrest. “My boys love her, and this is going to become difficult and sad.” The Boeberts have four sons.

He added: “It is frustrating that over the last four years she has not participated as being a mother or a member of our family, and now her move would separate the boys from her more.”

Westword reports that the two are due in court on Thursday for a permanent restraining order hearing.

HuffPost reached out to Lauren Boebert’s office for comment, but no one immediately responded.

Meanwhile, Jayson Boebert suggested that people who want to understand his relationship with his wife should check out the 2008 Will Smith movie “Hancock.”

“There is a local joke going around town that Lauren and I are like the movie ... two people destined to be with each other,” Jayson said. “In the movie, they become separated and anytime they get close to each other, a nasty storm forms and the jiffy pop starts popping. I think it fits well. I would imagine the world sees two people that are better off away from each other.”

The Boeberts announced they were getting divorced last May. Since then, Jayson has been accused of threatening the process server trying to serve him divorce papers.

Meanwhile, Lauren got the kind of attention no politician wants in September when surveillance video showed her groping her date and vaping during a stage performance of “Beetlejuice.”

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