Lauren Marbe, 17-Year-Old Daughter Of Essex Cab Driver, Has IQ Higher Than Einstein

The daughter of a black cab driver with an IQ higher than Albert Einstein is to step out at a high society debutantes’ ball in Paris next month.

Lauren Marbe, 17, has been handed the honour after the organisers of the annual ball read that she had scored 161 on the Mensa test.

The teenager from Loughton, Essex, is a fan of fake tanning and blonde highlights while her favourite programme is The Only Way is Essex - not the usual qualifications required for “Le Bal”.

The event is inspired by parties at royal courts where young, beautiful women were introduced to elegible batchelors.

There will be 25 debutantes at the event on 30 Novemeber which is being organised by the Automobile Club of France.

Among the guests will be Lady Amelia Windsor, the granddaughter of the Duke of Kent, and Kyra Kennedy, great niece of John F Kennedy.

The teenager said she was worried that her GCSE level French might make conversation difficult but that she has “never been so excited about something”.

Her mother Susan, a deputy head teacher, said of the invitation: “When she received the call Lauren was amazed.”

Lauren will be accompanied to the ball by a Frenchman “Cavalier” called Theodore Rousseau.

Mrs Marbe joked: “He doesnt know what an Essex girl is.”

Ball organiser Ophelie Renouard said: “This girl certainly has a story to tell. I read an article about her and found her interesting.”