Photographer's Food Scrap Masterpieces Turn Trash Into Treasure

So this is what happens when you play with your food.

This art is so gorgeous, it'll have you drooling. 

Lauren Purnell, a 23-year-old based in London, has been taking leftover food scraps and turning them into creations she calls "Culinary Canvases." Purnell started making food art about two years ago, and has since made more than 100 incredible pieces -- one of the most recent being an Easter-themed piece. 

Happy #Easter everyone! #eastereggs #culinarycanvas

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Honestly, it looks too pretty to eat! 

The 23-year-old has fashioned her scraps into anything from an adorable panda eating some bamboo to a cute portrait of Winnie the Pooh. And the masterpieces contain ingredients ranging from bits of eggplant skin to red pepper. The photographer told The Huffington Post in an email that she always has a container in her refrigerator filled with trimmings and peels which she can fashion into artwork.

#throwback to last week's Panda piece! aubergine + parsley #culinarycanvas #tbt #panda

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Sometimes she comes up with an idea first and manipulates the scraps into her concept, while other times, scenes come to her after looking at the food she has leftover. Whenever she uses edible food like berries or slices of fruit in her pieces, she eats them after her artwork has been completed.

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Purnell says that while she didn't start the project to make a statement about food waste, she's always been adamant about making the most of her leftovers and reusing scraps. She hopes that her work will get people to value their food more. 

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"At the very least I like to think that my art has made a few people appreciate or perceive their food in a new or different way -- not just aesthetically but also in terms of finding fun and innovative ways to use up leftovers," she said.

To see more of Purnell's work, visit her Tumblr page here. 



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