Lauren Scruggs, Model Hit By Propeller, Was Warned By Pilot

A report released by the National Transportation Safety Board showed that a pilot warned model Lauren Scruggs to be careful of the plane's spinning propeller.

The pilot admitted to landing and leaving the prop plane running as Scruggs began to exit, reports Fox 4 Dallas-Fort Worth.

Scruggs had just completed a 20-minute aerial Christmas lights tour. According to KDAF TV, the pilot left the engine running as he awaited another passenger.

He tried to direct Scruggs to exit towards the rear of the plane. In the report, he "leaned out of his seat and placed his right hand and arm in front of her to divert her away from the front of the airplane and the propeller."

But, after hearing someone yell "STOP STOP," he shut down the engine and saw her lying on the ground.

The incident took place on December 6, 2011. The model and fashion blogger suffered eye, shoulder and head injuries. Shortly thereafter, she had surgery to remove her eye.