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Lauren Scruggs 'Today Show' Appearance: Model Injured In Plane Accident Gives First Interview (VIDEOS)


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Lauren Scruggs, the model and fashion blogger injured in a tragic plane propeller accident, is back in her proverbial heels, making her first interview appearance in the eight months since the accident on the "Today" show Thursday morning.

After accidentally walking into a still-spinning plane propeller in December 2011, Scruggs suffered tremendous injuries. She had her left eye removed and now uses a prosthetic eye and hand. Doctors say her recovery has been miraculous, and Scruggs certainly looked in fine shape, smiling and giving credit to her family and faith for helping her through.

"Emotionally, days are hard sometimes just accepting the loss of my eye and hand," Scruggs told Savannah Guthrie on "Today," "but it just gets better and I realize God’s in control of my life and there’s a purpose to this story."

And Scruggs, almost 24, was in for a sweet surprise: after the model said she admired Team USA gymnast Gabby Douglas, Douglas bounded on set to meet her.

Scruggs, who's now suing the plane's pilot and the airplane's insurers, is working on a book about her accident and recovery, due out in November.

Watch the inspiring video above and see more pics of Lauren below!

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