Lauren Spierer, Indiana University Student, Missing

An Indiana University student went missing early Friday morning, causing a frantic search for information about her whereabouts.

Lauren Spierer had recently finished her sophomore year at Indiana University and was taking a summer class in Bloomington at the local community college. She was last seen walking back to her apartment on Friday at 4:30 am, wearing black pants, a white shirt and no shoes. She had been spending time at a local bar named Kilroy Sports.

The Indiana Daily-Student has more:

Spierer's apartment is only a block and a half away from Kilroy's Sports, and the last place she was seen, the intersection of 11th Street and College Avenue, is another two and a half blocks away.

Her known locations are all within a three-block radius of her apartment. Video footage at the Smallwood apartment complex shows that she never made it home.

Spierer has a heart condition called Long QT syndrome that sometimes requires medication and can cause dangerous arrhythmias.

"She's a wonderful kid," Robert Spierer, Lauren's father told "We'll be searching again for Lauren. I'm just not sure exactly where. We'll work on that and figure out where to go."

Any tips about Lauren should be forwarded to the Bloomington Police Department, (812) 339-4477.