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Lauren Vidal France's #1 Fashion Forward Boutique For Style And Elegance

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Nancy Chuda Editor-in-Chief LuxEcoLiving and co-founder of Healthy Child Healthy World

What Paris has to offer is abundance in everything and anything beautiful. Fashion is key. One can't begin to describe how the fashion industry thrives as it does with competition from the major design houses that have held pride and have been postured to remain as brands for centuries if not eons to come.

However, there are smaller unique brands that fulfill the desires of younger and older patrons who just adore the idea of being stylish at the right price leaving room for even more abundance in their wardrobes.

LuxEcoLiving Photo Credits: Audrey, Nancy and Bastide at Le Bristol Paris

I discovered Lauren Vidal through a great friend, Audrey and her sensational boutique, La Suite 240 on Rue de Rivoli in Paris. It was the perfect one-stop-shop to visit. For 20 years, Lauren Vidal remains true to the uniqueness of its creations and gives the contemporary woman her own image, focusing on overlays creating purely light styles punctuated by unstructured volumes. What I just loved about the boutique is the way they help you accessorize. As a travel reporter for The Huffington Post I need to have outfits I can interchange. Layers are key. Today's fashionista's, especially the millennial's want more contemporary styles that are fun and easy to wear yet call for attention not on the typical runways the fashion industry seems to dwell upon but on the streets of Paris or as Lauren Vidal proves.... anywhere in the world.

Editor's Notes:

A special thank you to the staff of Lauren Vidal for these beautiful designs worn at The Plaza Athénée in Paris