Harvard Law Professor: 'No Limit To How Much S**t' William Barr Will Eat For Trump

Laurence Tribe said the attorney general will do just about anything to "please his master."

Laurence Tribe, a professor of constitutional law at Harvard, didn’t mince words on Attorney General William Barr’s fealty to President Donald Trump.

“He’s demonstrated there’s no limit to how much shit he’s willing to eat — or to dish out & toss at the public and the other branches of government — to please his master,” he wrote on Twitter. 

The comments came after a Justice Department attorney told a judge on Wednesday that the administration was seeking a way to add a question about citizenship to the upcoming U.S. census despite a Supreme Court ruling that had blocked it last week

Tribe tweeted:

Tribe has been a persistent critic of the president, often appearing on cable news and using his Twitter feed to slam the administration and its policies. 

He has also called for the House to launch an impeachment inquiry against the president.



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