Laurie David Talks Beyonce's Pepsi Deal On HuffPost Live (VIDEO)

WATCH: Beyonce Slammed For Controversial Pepsi Deal

Environmentalist, food safety advocate and prolific HuffPost blogger Laurie David appeared on HuffPost Live Thursday afternoon to discuss her petition to the White House to retract Beyonce's invitation to sing at President Obama's second inauguration. David had been calling for the Obamas to disinvite her in light of her decision to sign a $50 million endorsement deal with Pepsi. The White House controversially put the kibosh on David's petition after it got 500 signatures.

But in her appearance on HuffPost Live, a clip of which is embedded above, David was as committed as ever to her viewpoint.

"Doesn't it seem a little hypocritical that at a time when we have skyrocketing obesity rates, that we give this spotlight, during the inauguration, when we're inaugurating a president who's been fighting on this issue, whose wife started this whole 'Let's Move!' campaign, to give Pepsi a free ad?" she asked.

"That's basically what they're doing," David continued. "When Beyonce signed that $50 million endorsement deal, she became the face of Pepsi. And here we are giving her this incredible spotlight singing the Star-Spangled Banner at the Inauguration. And I think it's wrong."

David compared ads for soda (like the ones in which Beyonce will soon star) to ads for cigarettes and alcohol, noting that drinking soda significantly increases a child's risk of obesity.

"Let's just stop advertising to kids," David said. "And let's not find the most beloved celebrities and give them all kinds of money to advertise to kids. We have to stop doing it!"

Watch David's whole segment here, and make sure to check back on HuffPost Live regularly for more discussion of controversial topics, food-related and otherwise.

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