Laurie David Says Added-Sugar Labels Will Never Happen

The "Fed Up" director explains why food companies don't want to tell consumers the truth.

The Food and Drug Administration recently proposed that packaged foods indicate their quantity of added sugar in relation to recommended daily calorie intake, but Laurie David isn't buying it.

The "Fed Up" director told HuffPost Live last week that while she's "glad the FDA is pushing" this policy, she'd "bet any amount of money" that "it's never going to happen."

 "The food and beverage industry -- they are never going to let that happen. They have a lot of friends in Congress. It won't happen," David told host Caroline Modarressy Tehrani.

One reason publicizing added sugar is unlikely to happen, David said, is the harm it would cause to products' marketability. 

"If you actually saw the truth on a label -- of what percentage of sugar for your daily intake [it] would be -- all those products are going out of business," she explained. "They're never going to let it happen, and it's not right because basically what they're saying is, 'No, we have to keep this secret so you'll keep buying products.' Therein lies the problem."

Watch more from Laurie David's conversation with HuffPost Live here.

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