Laurie Hernandez Cha-Chas Her Way Into Our Hearts With First Dance On 'Dancing With The Stars'

The Olympian's first dance with partner Val Chmerkovskiy was a hit.

Laurie Hernandez is no stranger to winning, and, if her first performance on “Dancing with the Stars” is any indication of what’s to come this season, we’d say she’s well on her way to nabbing the coveted mirror ball. 

On Monday night, the 16-year-old Olympian and her partner, professional dancer Val Chmerkovskiy, cha-cha’d their way into the hearts of Americans and the judges, who awarded them a score of 31 out of 40. The score was good enough to place the couple in first by the end of the night, tied with James Hinchcliffe and Sharna Burgess. 

Hernandez lit up the stage with her huge smile and shimmering dress. You can watch the full performance, set to Bonnie McKee’s “American Girl,” above. 

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