Queen Laurie Hernandez Snags Silver Medal In Beam Final

This girl is GOLDEN to us. 🙌

The U.S. women’s gymnastics team has been bringing its A game to the Rio Olympics, snagging medal after medal. 

The Final Five brought its overall medal count to eight on Monday, when Laurie Hernandez won silver in the women’s beam finals with a score of 15.333. Sanne Wevers of the Netherlands won gold with a score of 15.466, and Simone Biles won bronze with a score of 14.733. 

The U.S. team attempted to challenge Hernandez’s score by filing an official inquiry, but judges denied the request. 

Biles, also of Team USA, was favored to win the competition. However, she stumbled during her routine, which resulted in her holding the beam to regain balance. A gymnast putting their hands on the beam results in a points deduction nearly equivalent to a fall. 

Hernandez, the youngest member of the team, is an emerging star. She won over viewers last week when she winked at judges before her floor routine and muttered “I got this” before her stunning show on the balance beam.

Considering this is Hernandez’s first ever international meet, she’s seriously killing it.

She has always been destined for greatness, though:

Yaaass kween. 

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