Laurie Hernandez's Agent Says Brands Are Lining Up To Work With The Olympian

Werk, Laurie, werk!

We may be seeing a lot more of Laurie Hernandez in the near future.

The Olympian’s agent, Sheryl Shade, began receiving calls from marketers as soon as the 16-year-old snagged the Olympic silver medal at the balance beam final Monday, Quartz reports. 

“I probably heard from 10 major, Fortune 100 companies as soon as she did it,” explained Shade. “They were paying attention.”

Hernandez has been on marketers’ radar ever since the bubbly gymnast made her Olympic debut during the women’s gymnastics trials in July. Interest heightened after Aug. 3, when the youngest member of the “Final Five” announced her decision to give up her scholarship to the University of Florida, and subsequently her NCAA eligibility, to pursue her gymnastics career full-time. In doing so, she opened herself up to the possibility of receiving and accepting endorsement deals. 

Plenty of brands, including beauty lines, sportswear companies and package food labels, are lining up to work with the bubbly young gymnast who has become known as “the human emoji," according to Shade. She plans to announce a few of Hernandez’s endorsement deals in the coming weeks. 

We can’t hardly wait! Werk, Laurie, werk. 



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