Laverne Cox Surprises Transgender Man Who's Never Met Another Openly Trans Person

On "Fearless," the OITNB star told 25-year-old Rickey, "Everyone should be able to actualize themselves."

Laverne Cox marked Transgender Awareness Week by giving a young trans man the surprise of his life. 

In a Tuesday appearance on “Fearless,” Cox speaks with Rickey, a 25-year-old transgender man from Kansas City, Missouri. The moment is especially poignant because Rickey has never met another openly trans person before. 

After breaking down in tears, Rickey tells Cox that he’s still struggling to come to terms with his authentic self, noting that he hopes having top surgery as part of his gender confirmation process will help.

“Once I have that, I’ll feel like I’m free,” Rickey says.

Elsewhere in the episode, Cox offers a few words of wisdom, telling Rickey, “My work has been to love myself at every phase ― to be able to look in the mirror every day and say, ‘You are beautiful.’” 

“Everyone should be able to actualize themselves. Our journey is a little bit different than other people’s, but it’s the same journey,” the actress, author and activist says. “We’re just trying to be the best us we can be.” 

Later, Cox and Graham give Rickey a check for $10,000 “to help in any way that you need to further your journey.” 

“Fearless” is a new digital series presented by Ellen DeGeneres and hosted by body activist, model and entrepreneur Ashley Graham. The first six episodes are aimed at “empowering everyday people to be totally, unapologetically fearless,” according to a press release. 

New episodes will be available Wednesdays on Ellen Tube and DeGeneres’ official YouTube channel