Laverne Cox Has A Hunch About Why President Trump Ignored Pride Month

"He's really busy!"

“Orange is the New Black” star Laverne Cox appeared on “The View” last week and addressed some pressing questions about President Donald’s Trumps radio silence surrounding LGBTQ Pride month. 

Host Joy Behar brought up the issue with Cox who, after acknowledging that she has a number of Republican friends, stated that she wasn’t surprised by the President’s lack of LGBTQ recognition.

“We are Americans too,” she says. “Trans folks and LGBTQ folks are still experiencing a lot of discrimination in this country and our lives should be acknowledged. If you’re going to do it, this would be the month to do it.”

Cox then ended with a tongue-in-cheek comment saying, “He’s really busy! He’s now under investigation, so he’s got a lot to deal with. Oy vey!”

Trump broke Obama’s eight-year tradition of acknowledging June as LBGTQ Pride month this year by failing to issue a Presidential proclamation.

The President did, however, take it upon himself to issue at least five other proclamations instead, including declaring June “National Homeownership Month,” “Great Outdoors Month” and “National Ocean Month.”

Oy vey, indeed.

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