Law of Attraction: Manifesting What You Want When You Really Don't Know What That Is

When learning about the law of attraction, you come to learn you can influence your experience by working on your thoughts, beliefs and feelings -- as within so without it. Your inner world will be mirrored back to you in your outside experience.

You can manifest all your heart's desire by believing what you want is possible and feeling as if you would feel if it was already yours. And this is certainly true.

There is a belief you must get very specific about what you want to manifest and then pour all your energy into aligning with it through the use of visualization and all sorts of other tools. It is easy to think you can't manifest unless you nail down these specifics.

And that can cause quite a bit of anxiety. If you are ready to improve your life through consciously working with your energy, but are not quite sure what you even want, have no fear. This may actually be quite an advantageous position from which to begin your transition to who you really are, which is a powerful creator.

Specifics Are Not Your Friend

Here's the deal: your mind has a lot of ideas about the things it thinks its wants, the things that it believes are necessary for your happiness. Anything we think we want now is coming from our mind, which is limited in its capabilities to understand who we really are and that which we are capable of allowing into our life -- yes allowing.

While I and other people often use the word create, that is actually not super-accurate and it is more about being receptive to all the awesomeness that is waiting to be delivered. But I digress. Anyway, what we truly want is so much more than money, the relationship, the family, the better job, so on and so forth.

What we really want is to become more of who we really are, a being that is oozing peace, joy, love, trust and all those other warm fuzzies.

One of the reasons people have such a hard time manifesting as easily as we are capable of is this attachment to such specific desires; we are often creating from this place of resisting our current reality and wanting something to come along so we don't have to experience certain situations and feelings anymore. And trying to manifest from this space really doesn't work, as many people come to find out.

We are trying to manipulate energy to do our exact bidding, and it really doesn't work that way; we think we 'know best' and we really don't. We can have so much more than whatever our mind is coming up with.

Now because we do have a mind, we almost can't help but formulate specific desires. We crave a certain type of energy in our lives, and we will naturally translate that into some specific want -- wanting to feel more secure, for example, may translate to a desire for more money.

So it's okay if intentions are set for specifics like succeeding in your business or finding a relationship, but do your best to remember these are just a representation and not what you actually want -- your mind will fight you on that to the death, but it is absolutely true.

There is Nothing You Absolutely Need to Be Happy

Yeah, the mind will fight you on this one too but it's really true. Who you really are needs nothing -- you are already whole, perfect and complete. I know, I know... cue the eye rolls. But it is true my friends.

But don't panic... this doesn't mean finding a way to be happy with the life you don't like now, and dropping any sort of desire for something different. It's okay to have preferences. No one wants to struggle with money, be alone if they want a relationship or have a job they hate.

Feeling whole and complete now does not mean your life will remain just as it is, crap and all. It is just the fact that when we feel this way, we are in a state of non-resistance and that is where the magic happens manifesting-wise.

Resisting all the stuff we don't like hasn't really worked out too well for us, so why not give this whole "not needing anything" thing a whirl? Wanting nothing really puts us on the fast track to manifesting everything -- a real head scratcher I know; but always remember all these wondrous workings of the Universe, God, Source or whatever your preferred term, are so beyond the understanding of the mind, it's not even funny.

And since there is nothing that is absolutely required for our happiness, that means we don't have to wait for anything to change to start feeling better now -- note I said better. Don't feel pressure to get all Miss Mary Sunshine if you are not in a great space. Fortunately, such emotional perfection is not required to get things moving in the right direction.

I always love to remind people that we'd all be screwed if that was the case. You already are everything and what you really want is to connect with that more fully and you can do that at anytime.

So Yeah...

Wanting won't get us very far and that's a lesson that can take awhile to learn, one we may never learn fully because of the whole "being human" thing. The less we want, the more we can get -- the trick is throwing some energy behind this belief.

So, have no fear if you haven't formulated any specific desires which you are bringing to life with vision boards and trying to affirm into existence. If you can't visualize some ultra-specific scenario, don't fret -- the more detailed we get, the more resistance tends to get triggered.

All these tools can be super-helpful but they are just means to an end in that they help us generate certain feelings, which is all we really want anyway; and we are often working with them from a space of resisting "what is" and it just makes us notice even more we don't have what we want, and in these moments, they really aren't serving their purpose.

Right now, the best thing you can do is figure out how you want to feel, and do what you can to create those energies now. Tune into your intuition and don't be afraid to heed its wisdom. Follow through on inspired actions when they strike and see where they lead. The more loosey-goosey you can be with your desires, the more quickly you'll manifest all sorts of things that will feel great to you.

Kelli Cooper is a blogger and coach who specializes in the law of attraction and conscious creation. Check out her blog Life Made to Order for articles, podcasts and information about her coaching services. Also check out her Manifesting Like a Mofo Teleclass series... the first call is scheduled to take place October 18th and you can register here.


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