'Law & Order: SVU' Occupy Wall Street Episode Airs (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

"Law & Order: SVU" on Wednesday night aired the episode featuring footage produced on a fake Occupy Wall Street camp that was raided by real Occupy Wall Street protestors in early December.

The episode, titled "The Official Story," tackles the sexual assault of a high profile CEO of a military contractor corporation; he's found beaten and bruised in Central Park. It turns out the crime -- and the coverup -- is tied to a conspiracy that goes far beyond angry youths protesting injustice in a public square. One of the protestors they question admits to threatening and verbally assaulting the CEO, though not carrying out the actual crime.

The production of the episode made headlines after the OWS protestors, having recently been kicked out of Zuccotti Park by the City of New York, crashed the fake reproduction of their camp. Stocked with a library and kitchen, the camp was shut down after the protestors entered and "mockuppied," as they called it.

"There are certainly some folks who feel really offended by the attempt to kind of use this very real, very living movement, this economic justice movement that's making real change for working families in this country, to use it in some kind of story line in this dramatic cop show," Han Shan, a member of the OWS press team, told The Huffington Post that night. "There are probably other folks among us who think it's just a fun excuse to get together and share in public."

Here's a clip from the episode: