Law Professor Confronts O'Reilly Over Fox News And The Far Right: "Fox News, Far Right Have A Race Deck, And They Play The Ace Of Spades Every Day" (VIDEO)

Dr. Jeremy Levitt, a law professor at Florida A&M University, confronted Bill O'Reilly tonight over Fox News' role in fomenting racial tensions regarding President Obama. Specifically Dr. Levitt cited Glenn Beck and the network's role in encouraging the 9/12 protests, which featured an assortment of racist signs.

O'Reilly dismissed the racist right-wing attacks on Obama as part of a fringe group, insisting that an equivalent group exists on the left. He also stated that 10 percent of the nation is racist. Dr. Levitt would not let up, however, telling O'Reilly that "Fox News and the far right have a race deck, and they play the ace of spades every day."

WATCH: (H/t D.J.)

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