Dug The T-Rex Lawn Dinosaur Brings Joy To A Neighborhood In Redwood City, California (PHOTOS)

Don't worry, he doesn't bite.

Every season inspires its own set of front yard characters. For example, on Halloween the neighborhood lawns are usually lined with scarecrows and linen ghosts while at Christmas you'll find Rudolph and his reindeer gang prancing into town. But for Reddit user sarcasticonomist, a certain dinosaur sets up camp year round.

Meet Dug, the T-Rex from Redwood City, California. He's big, he's friendly, and, unless Rudolph happens to be paying a visit, he typically doesn't bite. And whether he's dressed up as Barney, an Easter Lizard or Elvis Presley, he does his fair share of community service by accomplishing an unexpected feat: getting his fellow neighbors to crack a smile. Sarcasticonomist shared photos of his lawn ornament that he likes to dress up and the fan mail and apparel contributions he received from neighbors communicating their fondness for his installation. Dug even has his own Facebook fan page with 1,500 fans.

It's safe to say that Dug's a community hit, and thanks to Reddit, he's now a special creature that we can all enjoy. Aside from his natural charm, his versatility to change suits doesn't hurt when diving into any holiday spirit. And with the Super Bowl weekend underway, we have a hunch that he's poised to be donning athletic gear very soon.

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