World's Chillest Dog Rides Out Storm Aftermath On A Lawn Mower

The pooch looks like he wants to help clean up.

Texas has been hit with some severe weather this week, leaving extensive damage in its wake.

While reporting on the aftermath of the storms in Malakoff, about 70 miles outside of Dallas, KYTX reporter Andrea Martinez spotted something that couldn't help but make her laugh: a dog on a lawn mower.

"OH... MY... GOD," she said in the clip, which was posted on Facebook. "Look at that dog."

Martinez said it looked as if the dog was getting ready to help with the clean-up effort:

A second dog watched nearby.

Some have speculated that the dog on the lawn mower may have been injured; others thought the dog's tail, which was hanging on the seat, was actually a limp leg.

A KYTX photographer wrote on the Facebook thread that he checked on the dogs and they were both OK. Although the home was hit by the storm, the fenced-in area where the dogs were "seemed untouched."

(h/t Mashable)

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