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Lawrence Edmonds Vows To Lick Every Cathedral In United Kingdom Before December (VIDEO)


Lawrence Edmonds made a cheeky bet 13 months ago that almost has him licked -- literally.

Edmonds, 26, an English Heritage worker from London, has vowed to lick every single Anglican cathedral in the United Kingdom before December 16.

If he fails, he must run naked around the York Minster, according to Oddity Central. If he succeeds, his roommate, Adam Drury, will have to streak.

“We’ve no idea why the bet was centred on licking cathedrals -- it just was," he told The Sun. "I’ve tasted a lot of new places.”

Edmonds has documented each cathedral he has licked on his blog, and admits some were more to his liking than others.

For instance, he said the Lichfield Cathedral was "quite tasty," while the cathedral in Worcester was "exceedingly gritty and salty" and the one at Durham was "disappointingly bland."

But the worst was the "foul, sickly sweet" one at Wakefield.

“Now I’ve tasted some pretty revolting things in my life, from rotten shark meat to a sheep’s eyeball, but Wakefield Cathedral defeats them all,” Edmonds noted on his blog.

Most of the actual licking has been uneventful -- if you can call a guy licking a church in public "uneventful" -- but he told the York Press that he had a problem at Southwell Minster in Nottinghamshire, when an attendant called for security, forcing Edmonds and his tongue to flee the scene.

Edmonds has licked 42 cathedrals thus far, and has to lick 20 more to win the bet. His roommate, on the other hand, is praying that the Cathedral of the Isles, on the Isle of Cumbrae, will be a little too far for Edmonds to reach by the due date of December 16, according to

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