Lawrence Lessig, Harvard Law Professor, Says Aaron Swartz's Charges Were 'Outrageous' (VIDEO)

Harvard Law School professor Lawrence Lessig joined HuffPost Live Monday to discuss the death of and charges against internet activist Aaron Swartz, who was facing trial for allegedly stealing millions of scholarly journal articles from academic archive JSTOR and died Friday in an apparent suicide.

Lessig, who wrote a blog post accusing the prosecutor in that case of bullying Swartz, said it is "outrageous" that the government was targeting Swartz while letting financial criminals off the hook.

"In an era where the architects of the financial crisis of 2008 regularly dine at the White House, it's outrageous that this kid, who spent his whole life pushing for the ideals which he cared about -- from internet freedom to justice -- would be forced by the government to call himself a felon and go to a federal penitentiary," he said on HuffPost Live.

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