Lawrence O'Donnell On Alec Baldwin's Plane Behavior: 'Polite To A Fault' (VIDEO)

O'Donnell Vouches For Baldwin's Plane Behavior

Lawrence O'Donnell vouched for Alec Baldwin's plane etiquette on his show Wednesday night. The MSNBC host said that he was seated next to Baldwin on a Friday flight from New York to Los Angeles, and therefore could speak about Baldwin's plane behavior from first-hand experience.

O'Donnell described sitting next to Baldwin as "a pleasure." He added that the flight crew also enjoyed the actor's presence and that he was "polite to a fault."

O'Donnell said "I can tell you, that I have never, never seen a more polite person on an airplane than Alec Baldwin." O'Donnell added he was "embarrassed" by Baldwin's politeness.

Baldwin was kicked off an American Americans flight on Tuesday, after the actor came in conflict with a flight attendant who repeatedly asked him to turn off his electronics before the plane pushed back from the gate. Baldwin spoke out about the incident on Wednesday.

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