Lawrence O'Donnell Examines The Obama Antichrist Heckler (VIDEO)

Lawrence O'Donnell was in luck on his Tuesday show. Just the night before, he'd done a whole segment on some peoples' belief that President Obama is the Antichrist. A mere hour later, a man went ahead and called Obama the Antichrist to his face at a Los Angeles event. O'Donnell seized the opportunity to take a trip inside the heckler's head and speculate on his thoughts and feelings.

After establishing that the Antichrist is supposed to take over the world and turn it into a fiery pit of evil -- while all believers are sent up to cool off in heaven -- O'Donnell mused that this must mean that the heckler thinks Obama will soon take over the world. ("I know what you're thinking," he quipped. "The president's going to need much better poll numbers in Florida before all of South America is willing to make him their leader too.")

O'Donnell also concluded that, even though the man seemed loudly opposed to Obama, he was "actually kind of happy" to know that he would soon be going to heaven, because he could see the Antichrist right in front of him and wanted the "personal satisfaction" of putting Obama on notice that he was on to his satanic game. (O'Donnell did, however, say that the heckler was likely to vote Republican.)

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