Lawrence O'Donnell Celebrates The End Of His Beard With Rachel Maddow

The cable news handoff can be a very special thing.

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell shared a particularly funny moment Monday night as the "Last Word" host had a bit of personal news he wanted to share.

"Rachel, as you can see, the month of the beard on TV has come to an end," he said, referring to his now-gone-scruff. O'Donnell has been sporting the beard since he returned in June, after a serious car accident kept him off the air for a few months.

O'Donnell explained that he is currently in Washington D.C. and wanted to look more like a "senator" or a "lobbyist." This made Maddow laugh, a lot.

"If I saw you on the Metro I would think you were an intern, Lawrence," she said.

Watch the video to see the whole exchange.