Lawrence O’Donnell Makes Ominous Prediction For Donald Trump In 2020

The MSNBC host explained why Trump has "run out of moves."

Lawrence O’Donnell crunched the polling numbers on Monday and concluded that President Donald Trump faces a tough challenge to be re-elected in 2020.

The host of MSNBC’s “The Last Word” claimed Trump has “run out of moves” because “there won’t be another Trump tax cut” and “there won’t be a Trump wall.” He also explained why he believes Trump, as polling currently stands, may lose Texas’ electoral votes next November.

“That’s why Donald Trump is trying to pull something that looks like a rabbit out of something that looks like a North Korea hat,” said O’Donnell, referring to Trump’s Vietnam summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un on Wednesday.

But O’Donnell said that “for voters to believe that Trump has achieved important progress toward denuclearization in North Korea” then they would have to either believe Trump (a serial liar) or Kim Jong Un.

Check out the segment above.

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