Lawrence O'Donnell, Glenn Beck Might Play Cop Partners In Movie

Lawrence O'Donnell and Glenn Beck might play cop partners together on the silver screen.

Yes, that's right.

Penn Jillette appeared on Tuesday's "Last Word," where he announced his upcoming horror movie "Director's Cut." He said that two of the actors had already been cast: O'Donnell and Glenn Beck. Jillette, who is crowdfunding the movie, explained online:

"I have gotten a tentative okay from BOTH Glenn and Lawrence to be in 'Director’s Cut.' They have both agreed to appear AND ACT in 'Director’s Cut.' Yeah, you’ve seen them in movies before, but it’s always playing themselves or generic newscasters. In our movie (and we’re all making this together), they will be playing police officers discussing their 'good cop/bad cop' strategy. Lawrence and Glenn have never met before but they will meet in person on the set of 'Director’s Cut.'"

Beck and O'Donnell appeared in a video together, from different locations, for the movie's fundraising campaign. As of Wednesday afternoon, $880,121 of Jillette's $999,972 goal has already been raised. Click over to see what a Lawrence O'Donnell-Glenn Beck movie might look like.



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