Lawrence O’Donnell Makes Bold Prediction About Mitch McConnell’s Senate Future

The MSNBC host explained why “next year could be the last year of the humiliation of Mitch McConnell" at the hands of Donald Trump.

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell speculated about Senate Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) congressional future on Tuesday.

And the host of “The Last Word” suggested “next year could be the last year of the humiliation of Mitch McConnell” at the hands of President Donald Trump.

O’Donnell noted that Trump has repeatedly embarrassed McConnell, including when he became “the first president in history to shut down the government (over his demand that Congress fund his proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall) when both houses of Congress were controlled by his own party.”

“There has never been a more powerless majority leader of the Senate than Mitch McConnell, in his relationship with the president,” O’Donnell explained, adding that McConnell’s job had been made much tougher “by the worst and most erratic president in history.”

O’Donnell cited McConnell’s low approval poll numbers in Kentucky, and asked if the 77-year-old lawmaker would “really want to spend the next year and a half fighting off a strong Democratic candidate in his own re-election campaign, while at the same time trying to get enough Republican senators re-elected to the Senate to hold onto the majority?”

Check out the full clip above.