Lawrence O'Donnell And Birther Orly Taitz Have Wild Shoutfest About Obama (VIDEO)


Lawrence O'Donnell had a wild, high-decibel, nearly incomprehensible interview on his Wednesday program with so-called "birther queen" Orly Taitz, at whom he grew so enraged that he cut the interview short halfway through.

O'Donnell had brought Taitz on in the wake of President Obama's release of his long form birth certificate. O'Donnell wanted to see if Taitz would finally admit that her doubts about Obama's citizenship were false. Taitz, however, had other plans, and began holding up what she said was a copy of Obama's Selective Service papers and accusing him of committing Social Security fraud.

In response, O'Donnell began shouting over and over again, "will you talk about his birth certificate?!" Taitz, no stranger to television hosts shouting at her, continued implacably, not letting O'Donnell's fury interrupt her. Finally, O'Donnell simply ended the interview. "All right, that's it," he shouted. "Get her out of here. Get her off this show!" Turning to the camera, he addressed the viewers.

"Look, she's crazy," he said. "I invited a crazy person on this show to see if the crazy person...could say something responsive, something human, to the document that was released today...and she wants to play with all of her other kid's toys."


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