Lawrence O'Donnell Makes An Emotional Return To His MSNBC Show

Lawrence O'Donnell returned to his show for the first time on Monday since the car accident that had kept him from the program since April.

In a sweeping, poignant monologue, O'Donnell recounted the details of the horrible crash. He warned viewers that he might cry, and he did indeed choke up repeatedly. He expressed his gratitude to the MSNBC bosses who rushed him from the British Virgin Islands to New York for medical care. He no doubt surprised some viewers by thanking David Koch, who donated millions of dollars to the hospital that saved him. And, above all, he paid tribute to the nurses and doctors who had cared for him.

O'Donnell spoke of one nurse in particular, a black woman named Shannon. She told him she'd gotten that name because a woman named Shannon was the only nurse who didn't refuse to care for her father when he was a wounded soldier.

"On my last day in New York, I told Shannon that if I had another daughter, I would name her Shannon."