Lawrence O'Donnell Reveals 'Most Dangerous' 4 Words In Rudy Giuliani Lawsuit

The MSNBC host looked at the most serious allegations against the former New York mayor.

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell said the lawsuit against Rudy Giuliani alleging sexual coercion and millions in unpaid wages contains four words that should alarm the former New York mayor and longtime Donald Trump henchman.

Giuliani has denied the allegations of Noelle Dunphy, who says she worked as a consultant for him from 2019 to 2021.

“The problem, the big problem, for Rudolph Giuliani and his written blanket denial of everything in this 69-page lawsuit filed in Manhattan today is the sentence ‘This conversation was recorded,’” O’Donnell said, noting that the phrase appears “repeatedly.”

The lawsuit details alleged sexual encounters, claims Giuliani offered to get pardons for clients from Trump for $2 million, and says he hid income during a recent divorce.

O’Donnell spelled out what he thinks are the most serious allegations in the lawsuit ― including three that could potentially amount to federal crimes ― as well as what the lawsuit claims was captured on recordings:

O’Donnell also spoke with Dunphy’s attorney, Justin Kelton:

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