Lawrence O'Donnell Says He's Staying At MSNBC

The host says he'll be there "for the next couple of years."

Lawrence O’Donnell told audiences Wednesday that he will be staying at MSNBC for “the next couple of years,” ending weeks of speculation about the longtime host’s future at the network.

Last month, sources told Yashar Ali in an article for HuffPost that network executives had not been in touch with the “Last Word” host as his contract neared its expiration. The lack of negotiation with a highly rated anchor like O’Donnell was considered unusual, as competing networks could lure talent away with counter-offers.

O’Donnell put those rumors to rest, addressing his future at the network both on the air and on Twitter. 

“I will be sitting right here talking about the James Comey hearing and everything else that happens next week and everything that happens for the next couple of years,” O’Donnell said. 

O’Donnell, who has a 10 p.m. prime-time slot, brings in the second-highest ratings for MSNBC, after Rachel Maddow. He’s been on the network since its inception and has hosted “The Last Word” since 2010.

A vocal opponent of President Donald Trump for years, O’Donnell often used his airtime to address public Twitter feuds he had with the former “Celebrity Apprentice” host. Trump has called for NBC to fire O’Donnell and threatened to sue him for questioning his wealth. But the MSNBC host has continued to rail against the president night after night, recently calling him “the laziest, most ignorant president in history.”

MSNBC did not immediately respond to requests for comment late Wednesday. 



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