Lawrence O'Donnell Heatedly Clashes With Trent Franks About Gun Control, Loughner (VIDEO)

A furious Lawrence O'Donnell clashed with Arizona Republican Congressman Trent Franks on his Tuesday show about gun control and the Arizona shooting. O'Donnell was clearly incensed that Jared Loughner, the alleged shooter, was legally allowed to put so many bullets into the weapon he fired.

Franks gained wide attention when he said last week, "I wish there had been one more gun there that day in the hands of a responsible person."

O'Donnell began the interview by asking Franks, "Congressman, don't you wish Jared Loughner had a smaller capacity ammunition clip when he went to Gabby Giffords' event in Tuscon?" Franks dodged the question, saying that "to focus on the clip is like saying...we'll combat drunk driving by limiting the size of fuel tanks."

O'Donnell asked Franks to imagine if the shooting had occurred in 2003, when, due to gun control laws then on the books, Loughner "would not have been allowed to get his hands on a magazine that held 30 bullets...and more citizens of Arizona would be alive today in your state."

When Franks tried to make a different point, O'Donnell began to shout. "So, you're not going to answer that question about the magazine?" he said. "Will you answer the question about the magazine?" Franks started to say that the individual, not the gun, should be blamed for the tragedy.

"I blame the individual for the first 10 bullets," O'Donnell yelled. "I blame the law for the next 21 bullets that he fired."