Lawrence O'Donnell: Trump Is 'Racists' Greatest Hero' (VIDEO)

Lawrence O'Donnell called Donald Trump "the racists' greatest hero" for his continued promotion of birtherism.

Trump has now been on his crusade of doubt about President Obama's natural-born citizenship for over a month. The media tour has taken him to a seemingly endless array of news programs, and he has continued to insist that he has grave doubts about whether Obama was born in the United States. For nearly as long, O'Donnell has been on an anti-Trump crusade, hammering the real estate magnate and reality show host over and over again, and lambasting NBC--his own corporate parent--for its continued association with Trump. On his Thursday show, though, O'Donnell put Trump's flirtation with a presidential run, and his embrace of birtherism, in perhaps his grimmest terms yet.

He said that Trump "must realize by now" that, while some of the "hatred" people feel for President Obama is policy-based, "probably even more of based on simple old-fashioned racism."

O'Donnell continued, "millions of this country's most virulent racists now feel they have someone they could vote for for president...they hope that he is every bit as racist as they are...Donald Trump may not be a racist but he is now the racists' greatest hero. He is their frontman."