Lawrence Taylor Talks Prostitution: 'It's The Oldest Profession In The World' (VIDEO)

Lawrence Taylor's Shocking Interview On Soliciting Prostitution

After getting sentenced to six years probation for sexual misconduct and patronizing an underage prostitute on Monday, Lawrence Taylor went on Studio B with Shepard Smith and talked about his arrest last year.

Smith asked the former NFL star, who was arrested in May of last year and accused of third-degree rape, how he ended up soliciting the 16-year-old's services.

"I made a phone call to a friend of mine and he made a phone call," Taylor said.

The host asked if Taylor told his friend to find him somebody, which caused the ex-New York Giant to go into a rant about prostitution.

"It's the world of prostitution. You never know what you're going to get," he said. "If it was going to be a pretty girl, ugly girl."

Taylor, who pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges in January, went on to say that he doesn't card prostitutes or ask for their birth certificates.

"It's not that I solicit prostitutes often. Yes, I have been around for a lot of years. I've been in New York for a lot of years," he said. "I'm not looking for a relationship. I don't want a relationship. Sometimes I look for some company."

When asked if he doesn't mind paying for it, Taylor said he doesn't because "it's all clean."

"I'm not saying it's right, but it's the oldest profession in the world," he said.

Taylor also said he has used services before and it's "one of those crimes" that you never think about because "everybody does it."

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