Chipotle's Burrito Calorie Count Is Full Of Beans, Lawsuit Says

"Lulled into a false belief."

Customers are suing Chipotle for making its burritos seem a lot lower in calories than they really are, according to reports.

In a class-action lawsuit filed last week in Los Angeles, three diners allege that the embattled chain fudged on the nutritional value of its Chorizo Burrito. The plaintiffs say consumers have been “lulled into a false belief” that they were consuming a healthier product.

All three ordered the spicy chicken and pork sausage burrito, seemingly billed as 300 calories on the store’s overhead menu.

But the plaintiffs determined that the wrapped item must have contained more. One of them, David Desmond, “felt excessively full,” according to the suit City News Service obtained.

A nutritional calculator on Chipotle’s website shows that when you add up all the ingredients suggested with the item, the calorie count soars beyond 1,000.

Chipotle explained to a Twitter user recently that the “300 calories” on the menu apply to only the chorizo and apologized for the confusion.

As for the legal action, a spokesman told the New York Daily News: “A lawsuit is nothing more than allegations and is proof of nothing.”

The suit is another blow for the chain. Chipotle sales were still falling in the wake of an E. Coli outbreak, according to an October report.

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