Instagram's New App Lets You Make Collages

Instagram has finally created a tool to help you make photo collages and edit your photos in new ways. It's called Layout, and it's a separate, free app for iOS.

Instagram announced Layout on Monday. It's available on iOS right now and will be available for Android in a few months.

Here are a few of the fun things you can do with Layout: create collages with two to nine images, adjust the sizes of each of those images within your collage, move those images, replace them, mirror them and flip them.

instagram layout

To make sorting through the photos on your phone a little easier, you can choose the "Faces" option, which just shows you the photos you've taken that have people's faces in them, according to Layout's algorithm.

Layout also has a photo booth feature that takes four photos in a row and lets you arrange them in a number of different ways. Once you're finished creating your collage, you can open it in Instagram, share it on Facebook, save it, share it via email or text and more.

The photos have no borders, and you can't add any. This was purposeful, Instagram told Time, since it lets you be more creative with your collages.

Layout is the second standalone app from Instagram, the first being the company's video app Hyperlapse.

It's about time for Instagram to release an app like Layout. There are so many other apps that help you edit photos before posting them on Instagram. Those apps, like Cropic and Pic Stitch, let you resize photos and create collages that fit into Instagram's square boxes. Now, Instagram can keep more people within its apps through the entire editing process.