Laziest Postal Driver Ever Drives Over Lawn Instead Of Walking On Sidewalk (VIDEO)

This appears to be the laziest USPS driver ever.

Instead of walking down the sidewalk at this home, our driver opts to drive her car across the lawn instead. Video of the incident was recorded by a security camera and uploaded online by YouTube user "Sorikan."

"I simply have no words," the video description states. "The package was not heavy in anyway, and yet this woman made the decision to do this."

Adding insult to injury, Gawker notes the driver's actions could have easily damaged the homeowner's sprinkler system.

We should note that although the vehicle is emblazoned with the USPS logo, and the woman is delivering packages that appear to have the logo on them as well, she is not in uniform. Although not all USPS employees are required to wear uniforms, there's always the possibility this is some weird viral ad for security cameras.

A USPS representative did not specify whether the woman in the video is an employee. However, in email to The Huffington Post, the rep did apologize for the conduct of this particular letter carrier: "[T]his behavior is obviously not acceptable and is being addressed. The majority of our employees are incredibly hard-working individuals who go above and beyond the call of duty daily."



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