Lazy Is an Entitlement Concept

Lazy is an entitlement concept accepted by the middle class that is crushing America's greatness and spreading like a contagion. Lazy is the 'new' adopted right of people, supposedly earned because a person worked five days and therefore must take the weekend off. This concept of entitlement runs across workers, management and executives.

The policy of lazy as some deserved state or earned right fails everyone using it. No different than America's delusional beliefs that the government can and must provide social security, medicare and unemployment when everyone agrees it is impossible.

The idea that one has worked 5 days and must take the weekend off is ridiculous and a form of entitled laziness. The mass acceptance that 8 hours invested in your job requires that you leave as soon as the clock strikes 5pm is a mass agreement and misunderstanding of epic proportions. Thinking that all national holidays are a right regardless of personal finances and/or the production or condition of your department is more damaging to personal finances and America's solvency than all the all the wrongs of Wall Street.

Suggest to a worker that they work the weekend and witness the sense of entitlement with "I deserve my time off". This think is not limited to worker's rights, and unions it's the agreement amongst most of the whole country! "I deserve the biggest office because I am the executive" or "I deserve my 2 weeks every year regardless of how the company is doing". These are examples born on the concept of LAZY as an operating basis. As though a person must take the weekend off or leave at 5pm regardless of his/her financial condition.

The financial squeeze and pain being experienced by those that believe in these myths are immense and will continue to be inflicted until Americans start operating with new disciplines. Try to make the case that the middle class is victimized by the very rich or because of government's misdeeds, but every person being victimized contributes to their condition in some way. It is interesting thing about victims, they always: 1) have bad things happen to them, 2) they are always involved, 3) they suggest that they had nothing to do with it, 4) bad things continue to happen to them.

The popular middle class financial policy is based on 'only do enough to get by' and that is born out of lazy. Even the experts suggest saving only enough money for 3 months in case of emergency. Make as little as possible, save as little as possible, invest as little as possible, learn as little as possible, and work as little as possible is the American mantra. THESE ARE POLICIES OF THE LAZY!

This 'lazy-entitlement' of just do enough to get by has damaged an entire class of people and the American way of life. This is not the attitude of China, India and other developing nations that are committed to expansion, survival and solvency. It is my belief that lazy is not a natural state but one that is educate, encouraged and allowed. All you have to do is be the parent of a 2 year old child and see them filled with energy and curiosity, unless something is wrong with them or they enforced not to be.

America lets get back to what made us a great country -- lazy is a failed policy! The opposite of lazy is industrious and that is what we are no longer. The work ethic, the think and our attitudes lack energy, exertion and a desire to contribute more one earns. This think prevails our financial policies whereby individual, companies, states and entire countries are always at risk. Those that are most secure in today's economy do not approach opportunity lazily but industriously. The super successful and those most secure do not seek to do just do enough, but instead, go way above what others are doing. The lazy entitlement is a failed concept of entire classes of people who are left dependent upon a government that cannot even remotely deliver on its promises.